Getting Started

New to the Studio?  This is what you need to know!

  • Great for kids 5 and up AND beginning adults

  • Plenty of instructors on staff during ALL open studio hours.  We expect everyone to need assistance and we’re here to help!  The success of the student is our primary goal!

  • All supplies and equipment are included in the hourly rate, bring your own machine if you wish but not at all necessary.

Hourly rates:
3 hours or less $17.50/hour
4 to 6 hours $15/hour
8 to 20 hours 12.50/hour
20 to 40 hours 11.25/hour
40 and up $10/hour

  • Pay as you go or purchase larger packages for a hourly discount.  Hours never expire and can be used for all classes and camps!  Hours are applied to your family account and may be used to bring friends as well.  Time is deducted in exact amount used, down to the second, no rounding.

  • Scheduling is unnecessary unless we’re running a camp program, check calendar, for 7 day a week open studio simply drop in.  For groups of 5 or more scheduling in advance is recommended using the online form.

  • Open Studio and Camp programs operate the same way but we require pre-registration for camp and a minimum stay of 3 hours. Adults are encouraged to come during Open Studio while Kids rule our Camp programs.

  • Drop off recommended; however, waiting area with WiFi is available.

  • Students work at their own pace with individual instruction.  All open studio time is mixed ages often including adult sewers.

  • Recommended class time is 2 hours, camp minimum is 3 hours.  Established students may be able to utilize shorter classes if needed.  There is no maximum, stay as long as you wish!

  • Parking provided in front of the main entrance, additional parking in the middle of the main lot and on North St.

  • We recommend sending kids with a snack or money for the vending machine [each item costs $1]. Please refrain from packing unpeeled oranges as a member of our staff is highly allergic.

We’re open daily for drop-in open studio, new students always welcome at ALL times!

12pm to 7pm Weekdays
9am to 3:30pm Saturday
10am to 3:30pm Sunday

We’re located at:
161 North St
Newtonville, MA 02460

You can call or text us: