Studio Hours

Purchase blocks of hours at discount for your entire family and your guests to use.  Frequent user and sibling discount is built in as you purchase more time the hourly price goes down.  Pricing ranges from $18 to $10 per hour.

When you visit the studio the time used is never rounded, we deduct it from your account down to the second because we think that's the proper way to go about it!

  • 2 Hours and up $35 (17.50/hour)
  • 8 Hours and up $100 (12.50/Hour)
  • 20 Hours and up $225 (11.25/Hour)
  • 40 Hours and up $400 (10/Hour)
  • *More time packages listed below, check them out!
Hours are good forever and may be used for all camps and classes.

You can schedule for specific dates (for camps) or use your hours as you drop in to our open studio which runs 7 days a week.

Studio hours and Camp hours are the same price and interchangeable, hours are hours.  Remember you must still schedule camp programs in advance even if you're using time from your account.

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