General Info

Pricing Guide

2 Hours – $40
3 Hours -$60
4 Hours – $70
8 Hours – $120
20 Hours – $280
40 Hours – $520

Purchase time as you go or buy a larger block to be used for future visits.  Share time with your entire family and friends if you wish! Camps, Open Studio, and other class activities use the same pricing structure and hours are interchangeable.

Watch us do a little of our semi-annual machine maintenance!

It takes over an hour to do six machines but you can see what’s involved in just three minutes, fascinating huh! We have 30 machines to do so this is an all day project for us. We keep it fun and that huge pile of machine lint you can see at the end makes it very rewarding! One machine had 3 bobbins and a bobbin cover hidden inside! Awesome!

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Want to sew with us from home?

Did you know you can now purchase our most popular patterns online? What a great way to share your favorite sewing studio with friends and family!