June 29th – July 3rd

  • Kids 5 and up
  • Beginners encouraged!
  • Build sewing skills by working through fun projects
  • Learn how to sew really well in just a week!
  • Projects for all skill levels
  • No overcrowding
  • Extra early drop off and late pickups available for an extra fee (non-refundable)

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information about our Summer programs!

Do you know your studio account balance?  Request your Student Record before booking if you wish.  We’ll get back to you within 24 hours on business days.

Select the drop-off and pick up times for any days you wish to attend in a given week.  You can add multiple weeks to your cart and checkout all at once!  Call or Text the studio with any questions before booking: 617-213-0344

One booking per child please

3 hour minimum stay required

3 hour minimum stay required

3 hour minimum stay required

3 hour minimum stay required

3 hour minimum stay required

Time Packages * 

Purchase the total number of hours needed for all camp days combined including any early drop-off and extended days. If you currently have sufficient time in your account then use the first option. If you have some time in your account but not enough simply purchase the difference needed for your booking. Don’t know if you have time? Send a text or email to the studio and we’ll send you a link!

Remember, we’re a TIME-BASED activity. We only deduct the exact time used from your account so you only pay for what you use. On the flip side, if you have two kids and you drop off 10 minutes early and pick up 10 minutes late every day for five days you will accrue 3.5 hours additional time, it can really add up!

You are responsible for paying for all the time you use, consider buying a bit extra now if you think you’ll deviate from your scheduled times. Any unused time will remain in your account for future use.

Feel free to include allergy information, special pickup instructions, or anything else you’d like to add.

Please Agree To The Following Camp Policies:

Due to most camps being fully booked, we require that you cancel at least 24 hours before a scheduled camp day. This gives us the opportunity to fill the space from the waiting list. You may cancel by phone, txt or email.

If you have to cancel your camp, the time purchased will remain in your account. You may use these credits towards any future class or camp. We do not offer refunds for cancelations. If you do not cancel prior to the 24 hours, you will forfeit the time purchased for that camp day. 

We staff our camps based on the times you schedule.  If you drop off late or pick up early without 24 hours notice you will be charged for the entire scheduled time.   You can notify us of schedule changes by phone, txt, or email.

Thank you for understanding.

-Team NSS



Just like Open Studio, Summer vacation programs are project-based with a mix of ages sewing individual projects at their own pace and skill level. Studio helpers circulate the room teaching each student relevant skills to complete their projects. We encourage independence and self-exploration with an emphasis on peer mentorship. Vacation days are a relaxed atmosphere full of creativity and silliness.  A great confidence building and peer bonding activity for kids 5 and up!

  • For students staying longer than three hours, we recommend sending a snack or money for our vending machine.
  • We have a large parking lot for easy drop-off and pick up.
  • Flexible and extended drop off and pick up times make our Summer programs compatible with most busy schedules!

We have many additional activities to break up the day, especially for extended stay students!

  • Crafting station with tons of fun items to color, bead, glue, and decorate
  • Age-appropriate shows in the breakroom during lunch and snack breaks
  • Fun games like Connect 4, Uno, Mancala, Spot It and More!
  • Legos