Intro To Crochet (Kids)

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Is your child curious about the captivating world of crochet? Look no further!

Our specialized introduction series is tailored just for beginners. Join our exploration into the techniques needed to embark on a fantastic crochet journey!

A proper introduction to crochet requires more than just one class, so we’ve created this series of four classes at a special price.  Simply add 4 (or more) class dates to your cart and a discount of 25% will be applied.  Book any time and days you wish!

What we provide:

  • Your first set of crochet hooks, yours to keep!
  • Yarn needed for any of our studio projects and homework
  • Expert and patient instruction

What You’ll Take Home:

  • Samples of each stitch technique practiced in class
  • Sample projects to excite your imagination!
  • Better understanding of which techniques are best for your projects
  • Strong desire to dive in deeper!

What to Bring:

  • Curiosity and enthusiasm – zero experience required.
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Reading glasses if needed

Here’s the general focus for each class.  Keep in mind your child’s learning experience will be tailored to their learning style.  New students with some experience should still take this introduction class to review their foundation and pick up where they left off.

Class 1

  • Introduction to different types and sizes of crochet hooks and yarns
  • Learning the slip stitch, chain stitch, and single crochet stitch
  • Start a covered hair band or bookmark, and continue working from home on this project

Class 2

  • Review skills learned in Class 1
  • Look at homework, answer questions and share tips.
  • When ready we will move on to learning the double-crochet stitch
  • Start work on a small pillow or stuffed toast plushy, and continue working from home on this project

Class 3

  • Check homework progress and review any difficulties, if ready, complete the project
  • When ready it’s on to creating circles and balls, the gateway to practically everything!
  • Homework this week is circle/ball practice

Class 4

  • Wrap-up week!
  • Quickly review all stitched learned
  • Finish up any unfinished projects from previous weeks
  • Learn how to close up after stuffing for a neat finish

The Minimum class time is 90 minutes, longer sessions are available if desired.

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During business hours, we will generally have a response to your inquiry within 60 minutes, usually much less!

Class Policies

We uphold a stringent no-show policy to ensure fairness and optimal class experience for all our students. If you fail to attend a class without providing the required 72-hour notice, we are unable to offer a refund or credit for the missed session. This policy is in place to minimize disruptions and financial loss, ensuring that our classes remain viable and rewarding for both students and instructors.

In the event of a no-show, you will need to rebook and pay for a new class at a time that better suits your schedule. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, but we encourage all our students to communicate any changes as early as possible to allow others the opportunity to fill the space. This not only supports our community-centric approach but also enhances the learning environment for everyone involved.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our class schedules and the quality of your learning experience.

We understand that delays can happen, but to ensure the quality and continuity of our classes, all students must strive to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you’re welcome to join the class already in progress. However, please note that the class will end as scheduled to respect the time of students scheduled after you and the instructor.  Ask your instructor about booking additional studio time to complete your class.

Credit Card Payments: For cancellations with adequate notice, we’ll issue a refund to your original payment method, minus a 5% processing fee.  Refunds generally take 3 to 5 business days to show in your account.

Store Credit, Coupons, Gift Certificates: Upon timely cancellation, your account will automatically be credited for future classes.

1 review for Intro To Crochet (Kids)

  1. amigurumi
    amigurumi narwhal
    amigurumi narwhal
    Sarah Forster
    March 3, 2024
    Kids Crochet with Linda
    This review is from Lily, who attends kids crochet with Linda on Saturdays. It's very quiet and calm and relaxing. And it's not like other art pla...More
    This review is from Lily, who attends kids crochet with Linda on Saturdays.

    It's very quiet and calm and relaxing. And it's not like other art places where it's too busy with too many colors. It's very relaxing especially after a long week of school. Linda is very nice and we make good projects. And you can also just chat. You should really take this class and adults can take classes too. But crochet has it's own room. The only bad thing about this place is that the bathroom has a funny lock on the door. Everyone should learn to crochet because it's relaxing.

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