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Saoirse Connolly

24 weeks ago

Didn’t go here, but I called in with a question about pattern sizing and they immediately helped me out. Didn’t hesitate to answer a non paying strangers question.

Joanna Kulik

Nov 24, 2016

My 7-year-old daughter has spent several afternoons here making wonderful creatures. Her little brother was jealous, so I joined her yesterday and make something for him. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid, but nowadays, I never have the time to gather all the bits and pieces to make a pillowcase, much less a stuffed animal. What a great find this was, then. Everything I needed was right there. Brian and the instructors really helped me through the process of making my first stuffed animal. My daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon together, and her brother thinks my animal came from a store! Will be returning here to make my next baby gift.

Nici Smith

Jun 6, 2015

My daughter (age 9) has been a part of this studio for 2 years now and loves it. It’s a fun relaxed environment. Lots of creativity flowing. The classroom is bright and a very welcoming and friendly environment.

Katherine Meuse

Nov 21, 2014

My daughter had never sewn a stitch before, and left having made a pillow of which she is very proud! As a result, she has asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. The instructors were AMAZINGLY patient, and able to juggle many students. We will definitely come back.

Dawn H.

Nov 19, 2014

I am so thrilled to have found the Newton Sewing Studio! My daughter Riley has learned so much from Brian and his team there, all while taking advantage of flexible studio options that fit our crazy schedule. Brian and the other instructors are patient and kind, yet really push the kids to figure out how to make their projects come together properly. My daughter is only 8 years old, but is now able to SAFELY and properly use a sewing machine. Also, the ability to purchase “hours” and come to open studio time is fantastic, as we live 35 minutes away and cannot commit to a weekly set schedule as is required by other sewing studios around my area. I highly recommend Newton Sewing Studio!!

Joan Friedman

Nov 17, 2014

Terrific place. Last year, my middle school daughter and I started going here, to have something to do together. We both enjoyed it – and I learned enough to make living room curtains and lots of funky bags for gifts. They have projects available, and are equally willing to figure out how to make other ideas work. Brian even showed me how to fix my friend’s sewing machine.

Lisa Mc

Nov 9, 2014

My teenage daughter and I both took classes here each taking a separate individual class and liked it very much and learned the skills that we needed to make curtains and clothing. Very helpful, very patient instructors, very good with children and the space is quite nice with a nice selection of fabrics as well.

Colin Smith

Aug 2, 2013

I am a young entrepreneur and needed help learning to sew as part of the development of a new product. Brian and the team at Newton Sewing Studio were beyond helpful in helping me learn to sew, understand processes, and ultimately have been integral in my efforts moving forward. While working there, i saw numerous families come into the studio to learn and practice sewing. I was blown away by how good the NSS team was with the children and impressed with their ability to create a fun, friendly environment. I would recommend the Newton Sewing Studio to any parent looking for a fun after-school or summer activity for their kids.

Casey Leab

Oct 18, 2012

Yesterday I attended a beginners class and Brian and Sophie helped me sew an awesome stuffed dinosaur and pillow. I came in knowing nothing about sewing and they walked me through all the steps of the sewing process as well as provided all the sewing necessities. I was amazed at the wall of different fabric in any possible color/pattern combination one could need. The space was beautifully laid out, welcoming, and spacious. I will definitely be coming back for more sewing classes as Brian, the owner expressed to me that we he could instruct me on how to sew pants, shirts, curtains, or any article of clothing I may want. So glad I found Newton Sewing Studio and I will definitely be back for more.

From Yelp:

  • Karen K.


    What a great experience! As an adult I wanted to sew up some Christmas gifts so I stopped in and am so happy I discovered this place.  The owner and Ky his assistant as so patient and will help you with whatever you are interested in. In my case I came in with a pattern.They open at 1:00 and that’s a quiet time so I got plenty of one on one instruction and then the kids started to come in a few hours later.
    They do a wonderful job with the kids.  I enjoyed working on my project while listening to the kids laughter and the school aged conversations going on around me…priceless! Don’t be thrown off by the rainbows and unicorns. The staff are all experts with whatever you want to do. I do suggest, as an adult to go in at at 1:00 as it is quieter. I also suggest you call advance, but not necessary, so they can have the perfect machine set up for your project.

  • Karen B.

    This is such a special place. So many different projects to explore. Great for learning problem solving skills and creative thinking!  Every child should experience!  Excellent staff, fun experience.  I will definitely be back next time I visit Boston.  Thank you Kye and Brian!

  • Dominique G.


    Our two daughters can’t get enough of Newton Sewing Studio!  They build confidence plus meet new friends, and bring home things they created!  We recommend highly!

  • Rita A.

    This place is awesome even for adults. Wanted basic skills and decided to stop by for a class.  Had so much fun today and staff was great. Clean and friendly atmosphere. I am so going back pricing is great.

  • Hannah L.

    I signed my daughter up for vacation camp. She came home raving about what a great time she had and wants to go for the full day instead of half.  I am so pleased! What a great find!

  • Pam M.


    Over two years ago I was driving on North St. and saw the Newton Sewing Studio sign.  I was intrigued and decided to stop in and find out what it was about.  Brian greeted me warmly and has coached and collaborated with me in accomplishing sewing projects since.  They have been as simple as hemming several pairs of pants… to making a fleece snugglie with a unique embroidered patch for a baby shower gift (see posted photos)… to customizing ready-to-wear… to a Halloween costume… and yesterday I made a bow tie for a friend out of his beloved well-worn madras shirt.

    The web site and reviews focus on the studio being a place for children to learn how to sew.  I want to say that it’s also a place where an adult can do projects.  I have found Brian to be thoughtful, patient and creative.  He really knows the in’s and out’s of sewing.  Maybe you’d like to create an item for someone instead of buying a gift card… maybe you don’t find clothing in stores that expresses your personal style… maybe you would like to make items to donate to shelters like blankets or scarves… Brian will assist you with reaching a goal.

    I have been there during school hours when I was only one in the studio, and I have been there after school when there were many children ~ girls and boys. I have seen Brian work patiently with them and help them to think about how to do something.  I consider this one of the skills / gifts of a good teacher.  Also, in my opinion there is a lot of mindless electronic activity available to kids; it’s refreshing to have something to offer that’s hand’s on in a much different way.

    A friend who has led her two daughters’ scout troops for years was looking for new experiences for them. I told her about the studio; they booked time, and afterwards I heard great feedback about the experience.

    And oh, by the way, I happened to be there about 18 months ago the morning puppy Chester came to the studio for the first time.  He has been there ever since… taking on the role of adorable little (maybe 8 lbs?) mascot. I have seen kids make clothes and toys for him.  I don’t have pets and enjoy holding him… getting a fluffy “fix” without the daily requirements of pet ownership.  I imagine there are lots of parents who bring their kids to NSS and also appreciate this aspect too.

  • G S.

    My daughter has been going to Newton Sewing Studio since Kindergarten and she’s now in second grade.  What I love about this place is that unlike most adults, the owner doesn’t think that kids have limits to their abilities.  My daughter started sewing at age 6, I thought it was sweet that she could sew pillows and stuffed toys but then she wanted to make a dress.  It never occurred to me that the owner (Brian) would actually let her take on that project, but the next thing I knew, she was coming home having started her dress!  A few sessions later, she came home with it completed and it even had facing!  She’s worn it several times since and is always so proud to say she made her own dress!

    Another thing I liked about the studio is that they let the kids learn from their mistakes.  I was there one day when she was sewing on a zipper and she didn’t exactly follow directions as she had been shown.  Being the almost-helicopter parent I am, I was about to correct her but Brian, the instructor, stopped me.  He let her complete the line she was doing and then step back to take a look.  Pulling out stitches (which only took a couple minutes) was a great way to learn that lesson on zipper installation.   I am confident that in allowing them to make some mistakes, they learn lasting lessons.  What a great life lesson and a message I took home too.  The studio has a dog, (Chester) that my daughter loves to visit.  He’s so cute and friendly and she is always bummed when he’s not there.  We love this place and have great respect for the owner, Brian.  He’s great with the kids, unflappable and calm in the midst of the storm.  I have been in when the studio is full and was amazed to see all the kids were focused and being productive.  The staff does a great job of managing them all and makes sure they feel they’ve accomplished something and have learned something new.  My daughter gave me a beautifully sewn pink heart-shaped pillow with an embroidered message for Christmas.  She was so proud to have made it herself.  The pride she feels in being productive and making things on her own is great for her sometimes shaky self esteem.  She will probably never be the academic some of the kids at her school are, but she is an artist and this sewing studio is helping her to bring that gift out

  • christine w.

    What a great place! My 7 year old daughter and I both took the beginner sewing class.  We split it across two Sunday mornings.  We learned so much.  The woman who worked with us was very friendly and they seem to have the lessons down to a science.  Just enough support that you aren’t left stranded, but enough time on your own that you actually learn a lot.  I was able to take what I learned and immediately go home and actually use the sewing machine my mother had given us.  Although far from experts my daughter and I have had a lot of fun making some simple projects and dreaming of what we’ll do someday.

  • Christine D.

    My daughter is almost 7, and she  has loved her days at the studio during summer vacation week, and now during the summer.  The staff has been very helpful and patient with her, and she has built so much confidence.  She loves telling people that she knows how to use a real sewing machine, and her imagination has been running wild with ideas for projects.

    I can’t say enough good things about the Newton Sewing Studio, and my daughter is just begging for more time there.

  • Jenni L.

    Love newton sewing studio. brian is terrific and so is his staff. everyone is patient and upbeat. my 5 year old son sewed a pillow and was so proud. thank you!!

  • Denise H.

    The newton seeing studio is amazing! My girls (6&8) have spent 4-6 hours a day there during school vacation and love it! They’ve already made back packs, skirts, stuffed animals and more. The staff is amazing. I highly recommend this place.

  • c S.
    • c S.
    • West Newton, MA


    I am a young entrepreneur and needed help learning to sew as part of the development of a new product. Brian and the team at Newton Sewing Studio were beyond helpful in helping me learn to sew, understand processes, and ultimately have been integral in my efforts moving forward.

    While working there, i saw numerous families come into the studio to learn and practice sewing. I was blown away by how good the NSS team was with the children and impressed with their ability to create a fun, friendly environment. I would recommend the Newton Sewing Studio to any parent looking for a fun after-school or summer activity for their kids.

  • donna m.

    After calling Brian to warn him that I and my two daughters were coming by soon for the free orientation class, we landed at Newton Sewing Studio after finding some parking in the very busy lot which is surrounded by lots of businesses.

    My younger daughter was reluctant – thinks sewing is too girly girl for her taste – but after seeing the studio, and the machines, and picking out skull fabric for her pillow, she was all over it.

    Brian was terrific with all of us, and with the ability to patiently trust kids (and adults) to experiment and fail, all the while reassuring us that it doesn’t need to be perfect and it would all come out fine (and it did). We all left with an understanding of how the machine works and our very own pillow.

    Love the flexibility they are offering for camps, sharing lessons, and drop-ins. We’re only a few miles away so we’ll be back.

  • Gwen S.


    I brought my 6 year old kindergartener to learn to sew, and Brian was amazing.  So patient  and kind with her.  I had been other places in the area and had tried one other session and the owner seemed to feel my daughter would be too much work since she’s so young. Not Brian.   He taught her to sew right away.  She made a stuffed toy her first and second time in and is so please with it.  Next, she’s making a bag!  She’s so excited to go.  I will be taking lessons myself soon.  It’s so reasonable.  I highly recommend you check it out!

  • 11/28/2012

    Awesome location, definitely great for kids and adults wanting to learn how to sew!  We need more places like this!