Studio Closed Weekends We will resume open studio in the Fall!

Availability for June 24th - 28th

Monday: FULL
Tuesday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open
Wednesday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open
Thursday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open
Friday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open

Availability for July 1st - 5th

Monday: Morning 2 Spots – Afternoon 2 Spots
Tuesday: Morning 4 Spots – Afternoon 3 Spots
Wednesday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open
Thursday: Closed For Holiday
Friday: Morning Open – Afternoon Open

Upcoming Camps & Programs

Summer Vacation Sewing

Summer vacation programs are project-based with a mix of ages sewing individual projects at their own pace and skill level.

Ages 5+ Beginners encouraged!

June 17th through August 30th

Regular Hours 9am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday

Extended Hours 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday

3 hours minimum booking on any given day/time, no need to commit to a full week or day!

If the day/time you like is listed online then it is AVAILABILE.

Flexibility rules!

Popular weeks will fill up quickly.  Don’t be caught hanging!  If you have a specific week/day in mind it’s highly suggested you grab your space before it’s gone….…….

Summer Hours Start June 17th!

Summer Programs Have Space Limitations And Must Be Booked In Advance

Monday through Friday 9am to 4:30pm

Extended Days Available from 8am to 6pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Getting Started

New to the Studio?  This is what you need to know!

  • Great for kids 5 and up AND beginning adults

  • Project-Based teaching method with TONS of project options at every skill level! Click here to check out some of our project offerings.

  • Plenty of instructors on staff during ALL open studio hours.  We expect everyone to need assistance and we’re here to help!  The success of the student is our primary goal!

  • All supplies and equipment are included in the hourly rate, bring your own machine if you wish but not at all necessary.

Hourly rates:
3 hours or less $20/hour
4 to 6 hours $17.50/hour
8 to 19 hours $15/hour
20 to 39 hours $14/hour
40 and up $13/hour


  • Each family has what we call a “student record” which is basically a spreadsheet that organizes your payments and studio visits.  Your phone number/s are used along with the student’s name during sign in and out to signify what account you’re using for your studio visit.  Every time you purchase studio time a link to your record is sent with the confirmation.  The links are good forever so you can check your account status at any time.  Check out this Sample Record.

  • First timers should take advantage of our current promotion, just $10 for a 90-minute class– That’s %75 off! Offer for brand new sewers only, not valid during Camp. Click here to go to the deal!

  • Pay as you go or purchase larger packages for an hourly discount.  Hours never expire and can be used for all classes and camps!  Hours are applied to your family account and may be used to bring friends as well.  Time is deducted in the exact amount used, down to the second, no rounding.

  • Scheduling is unnecessary unless we’re running a Camp Program, check the calendar, for Open studio simply drop in. 

  • Open Studio and Camp programs operate the same way but we require pre-registration for camp and a minimum stay of 3 hours. Adults are encouraged to come during Open Studio while Kids rule our Camp programs.

  • Drop off recommended; however, waiting area with WiFi is available.

  • Students work at their own pace with individual instruction.  All open studio time is mixed ages often including adult sewers.

  • Recommended class time is 2 hours, the camp minimum is 3 hours.  Established students may be able to utilize shorter classes if needed.  There is no maximum, stay as long as you wish!

  • Parking provided in front of the main entrance, additional parking in the middle of the main lot and on North St.

  • We recommend sending kids with a snack or money for the vending machine [each item costs $1].

We’re open 5 days a week during the school year for drop-in Open Studio, new students always welcome at ALL times!

Spring 2019 Hours:

12pm-7pm Tues-Friday

9am-3PM Saturdays

Closed Sundays For Private Parties

Closed Mondays (unless running camp programs)

Summer 2019 (June 17th – August 31st)

Regular Hours 9am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday

Extended Day (extra fee) 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday

We’re located at:
161 North St
Newtonville, MA 02460

You can call or text us:



This calendar is always current and up to date.


Check Out Some Awesome Studio Projects!

We use a project-based teaching method. This means our students learn by “doing”– building important skills while actually creating something unique to take home!

Students progress through our difficulty levels at their own pace. Some may progress quickly through the levels while others may need to spend more time practicing core skills!

Choice and success motivate children to continue sewing. Our approach incentivizes students to WANT to learn new skills rather than forcing them to suffer through a traditional curriculum! 

Beginner-Level Project Examples [Levels 1-3] 

Beginner projects focus on simple skills such as steering, pinning, cutting and tracing a pattern, sewing on a line, identifying “right sides” and “wrong sides” of different fabrics, and working with cotton and fleece!

Typically beginner projects are completed in two hours or less. Quick and exciting results motivate students to keep practicing these fundamental skills!

Intermediate-Level Project Examples [Levels 4-5]

Intermediate projects focus on skills such as precision, integrating special features into a seam, sewing darts, careful ironing, fabric manipulation, and understanding seam allowances. 

Intermediate projects typically take 2+ hours to complete depending on the skills and experience of the individual student. We have convenient storage for unfinished projects so a student can continue to work over the course of several days. 

Advanced-Level Project Examples [Levels 6-8]

Advanced projects focus on skills such as intricate fabric manipulation, inverted curves, complex piecing, fit, and working with tricky fabrics.

Advanced projects typically take 4+ hours to complete and are usually worked through over the course of several days. 

Many of our original sewing patterns are available for instant download on our Etsy page click here to check it out!

General Info

Pricing Guide

2 Hours – $40
3 Hours -$60
4 Hours – $70
8 Hours – $120
20 Hours – $280
40 Hours – $520

Purchase time as you go or buy a larger block to be used for future visits.  Share time with your entire family and friends if you wish! Camps, Open Studio, and other class activities use the same pricing structure and hours are interchangeable.

Watch us do a little of our semi-annual machine maintenance!

It takes over an hour to do six machines but you can see what’s involved in just three minutes, fascinating huh! We have 30 machines to do so this is an all day project for us. We keep it fun and that huge pile of machine lint you can see at the end makes it very rewarding! One machine had 3 bobbins and a bobbin cover hidden inside! Awesome!

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Want to sew with us from home?

Did you know you can now purchase our most popular patterns online? What a great way to share your favorite sewing studio with friends and family!