Frequently Asked Questions

Will my kids get help? Yes of course! Materials and assistance are included in the cost of your studio time, class, or camp. We assume ALL students will require help and that’s what we’re here for! Our expert staff circulates the room to assist students as they progress through the steps of their projects.

My child [or I] am brand new, never touched a sewing machine, how does that work? Whether you’re brand new or more experienced you can still drop in for Open Studio, schedule the After School Series or schedule a Camp Program for a time that is convenient for you. When you arrive we will start working with you at your level. For brand new students this means we sit down with you one-on-one and teach you how to thread a sewing machine, practice sewing straight lines, and turning corners, and then you will learn to apply those skills to create a simple patchwork pillow [yes you can take your pillow home with you]. Please allow 90 minutes for a first lesson. Right now we have a special promotion for brand new sewers to take their first class for only $10! Click here to go to the promotion

What do I need to bring to my class? Nothing! If you or your child are sewing for longer than three hours we recommend bringing a snack or money for our vending machine (all items cost $1). You are welcome to bring your own sewing machine, fabric, and ideas but it is not necessary to bring anything other than enthusiasm!

Is it true you have a dog? Yes! Chester, our little 10lb Bichon Frise works with us at the studio most days. He is super friendly and sweet, doesn’t bite (obviously), and is hypoallergenic. This little ball of fluff is a great way for kids with dog phobias to have some exposure to a gentle dog.

How long is a class,  I only have an hour is that enough time? Two hours is recommended but we will tailor the class to meet your schedule. However, an hour or less of time isn’t usually enough time to complete an entire project. We have convenient storage for incomplete projects so you or your child can work through a project over the course of several days. More advanced projects will take longer than two hours.

Is this a sewing machine or hand sewing class? Sewing machine! We teach a few hand sewing techniques for finishing a project but all students will sew a majority of their projects by machine.

Is it safe? We pride ourselves in teaching sewing skills as safely as possible. That being said this is an active sewing studio with adult sewing tools. The sewing machines we teach on are great for kids because they have many safety features built in. Still, minor injuries like poking a finger with a pin or burning a finger on the low-temp glue gun or iron are part of learning how to use these tools. We have first aid supplies for dealing with these types of minor injuries and in 8 years have never had an injury that was serious enough to require professional care.

Is it drop off? Yes! Most parents choose to drop off and take advantage of the opportunity to run errands or shuttle other kids around. If you choose to stay we have a lounge with free wifi access. Sitting next to your child observing their lesson is allowed but discouraged. We have found that kids are much more successful and have more fun when they are allowed some space to explore and learn. If you are sharing the sewing lesson with your child we recommend focusing on your own project to avoid micromanaging their learning experience.

What will I or my child learn to make? We have tons of in-house projects to choose from at every skill level! Brand new students all start with the patchwork pillow [level 1] and then progress through our difficulty levels at their own pace. Outside projects are also encouraged for those students who already have a grasp on the basics. Click here to check out some of our project examples!

I have sewn at another studio, do I have to start at the beginning? We have a different approach than other sewing studios in the area and want to be sure that you have a strong foundation in order to successfully work through our more advanced projects. We recommend that new students complete our patchwork pillow project before progressing to something more complicated. For adults with experience, this project may be skipped. When you arrive to sew we will discuss your prior sewing experience to see what makes sense for you!

What is the difference between Open Studio/After School and Camp? During Open Studio and After School Classes there are typically no more than 8 students using the space at a time while Camp may attract 20 students or more. Open Studio is open to all students regardless of age while the Camp and After School Series is just for kids age 5+. While Open Studio is drop-in friendly we require pre-registration for our Camp and After School Series programs. There is a 3-hour minimum stay for Camp programs and no minimum stay for Open Studio. The After School Series classes are all 2 hours each.  Our project-oriented teaching method are the same for all studio visits. Bulk studio hours may be used for both Open Studio and Camp.

Can I take my unfinished project home with me? The cost of the materials you use is covered by the class time you purchase. Therefore projects made with our materials need to be fully constructed before taking home. However, if you bring your own fabric we don’t mind if you take your project home with you!

Are there any discounts? The more open studio hours you purchase the lower your hourly rate! The price drops down to just $13/hr when you purchase a 40-hour package. Perfect for families sending several kids at once and for those planning to spend a lot of time in the Studio.  If you can commit to a set day and time each week then you should check out the After School Series which offers further discounts over our hourly system.  We are also currently running a promotion for brand new sewers to take the first class for only $10! Click here to go to the deal. 

How do you keep track of my payments and time used? Each family has what we call a “student record” which is basically a spreadsheet that organizes your payments and studio visits.  Your phone number/s are used along with the student’s name during sign in and out to signify what account you’re using for your studio visit.  Every time you purchase studio time a link to your record is sent with the confirmation.  The links are good forever so you can check your account status at any time.  Check out this Sample Record.

Can I share my open studio time with friends and family? Yes! Just have your guest sign in with their name and your account phone number and we will deduct their time from your account.  The After School Series is for one person, if you’d like to bring a friend then they would need their own class pack or buy open studio time.

Will you serve my child lunch/snack? No! We recommend sending your child with lunch or snacks or money for our vending machine (each item costs $1). 

What is your nut policy? We understand that nut allergies are a concern for many parents. Please be aware that students bring food in from outside and it would be best to think of the studio as a public space and take the same precautions.

Do you offer private lessons? NO! however, if you drop in during non-peak Open Studio times you might just get a private or semi-private lesson for our normal rate! We don’t get busy until 3 pm on weekdays when kids get off school, adults who come in earlier usually have the place to themselves.

Do you sell sewing supplies? NO! but we can direct you to nearby businesses that do, just ask!

Can you fix my broken sewing machine? Yes! We offer a free diagnostic where we take a look at your machine and identify what the problem is and whether it is “worth it” to have fixed. We will quote you if the repair is something we can do for you. Be aware that many sewing machine repair shops will charge $75 just to look at your machine. Most “broken” machines aren’t broken at all but just threaded improperly!

I am looking for someone to do my alteration or piece-meal project for me, do you take sewing commissions? NO! we suggest searching on Craigslist or other area studios.