Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my children receive assistance during their class or camp? A: Yes, indeed. The cost of your class or camp includes materials and aid. We anticipate that all students will require assistance, and our knowledgeable personnel will be available to help students as they progress through their projects.

Q: If my child or I have no prior experience with sewing machines, how will we learn? A: Regardless of your experience level, you can schedule the After School Series or Camp Program at your convenience. Upon your arrival, we will instruct you at your level. For new students, we provide one-on-one instruction to teach you how to thread the sewing machine, sew straight lines and corners, and create a basic patchwork pillow [which you can take home]. The initial lesson lasts 90 minutes.

Q: What should I bring to class? A: Nothing is required. However, if you or your child sew for more than three hours, we suggest bringing a snack or money for the vending machine. You may bring your own sewing machine, fabric, and ideas, but enthusiasm is the only prerequisite.

Q: How long is the class? Can I complete a project in an hour? A: Unfortunately, no. We require 90 minutes for a class, and it’s not feasible to complete an entire project in an hour. We provide convenient storage for unfinished projects, so you or your child can work on them over several classes. More advanced projects will take longer.

Q: Is this a sewing machine or hand sewing class? A: This class primarily focuses on sewing machine instruction. We do cover a few hand-sewing techniques to finish projects, but the majority of the sewing will be done using the sewing machine.

Q: Is it a safe class? A: We prioritize teaching sewing skills safely. However, this is an active sewing studio that employs adult sewing tools. Our sewing machines have several safety features that are ideal for children. Minor injuries, such as pin pricks or burns from the low-temp glue gun or iron, are expected while learning to use these tools. We have first aid supplies to address these minor injuries. Over a decade, we have never had a significant injury that required professional care.

Q: Is drop-off allowed? A: Yes, drop-off is allowed. Most parents prefer to drop off their children and take advantage of the opportunity to run errands or manage other children. While observing their child’s lesson is allowed, it is not recommended. Children are more likely to be successful and have fun when they are given the freedom to learn and explore. If you’re taking the sewing lesson with your child, we suggest concentrating on your own project to avoid micromanaging your child’s learning experience.

Q: What will my child or I learn to create? A: We provide a plethora of in-house projects at every skill level. New students start with the patchwork pillow [level 1] and progress at their own pace through our various difficulty levels. Students who have a firm grasp of the basics are encouraged to bring in their own projects.

Q: What is the difference between Class and Camp? A: The studio hosts no more than six students at a time during weekday classes, whereas camps typically have 15 to 25 students. Adult Classes are available for students aged 14 and up, while Kids Classes are open to all students aged six and up. Pre-registration is necessary for all studio programs, and we don’t have drop-in classes. Our project-based teaching techniques remain the same for all studio visits.

Q: Unfinished Projects: Our studio provides materials for projects during class time, and we kindly request that those projects are fully constructed before taking them home. This policy ensures that the cost of materials is covered by the time you have purchased for the class. However, if you bring your own fabric, you are welcome to take your project home with you.

Q: Discounts: Current promotions and discounts are prominently displayed on our homepage for your convenience. We encourage you to check regularly for updates and new offers. You can also check out this page.

Q: Payment and Booking Management: Our user-friendly online platform allows you to access your My Account page at any time. Here, you can view past purchases, store credits, and gift certificates available for your account to use.

Q: Child Lunch/Snack: To ensure your child is nourished and energized during class, we recommend sending them with their own lunch or snacks. Alternatively, they can bring money to purchase items from our vending machine.

Q: Nut Policy: We understand the concern surrounding nut allergies, and we encourage all parents to take necessary precautions when sending food with their child. While we do not provide food, we kindly remind parents that other students may bring food that contains allergens. Therefore, we suggest taking the same precautions as you would in any public space.

Q: Private Lessons: We are pleased to offer private individual or group classes for those who prefer a more personalized learning experience. Booking for these lessons is available on the respective class page.

Q: Sewing Supplies: While we do not sell sewing supplies on site, we are happy to provide recommendations for nearby businesses upon request.

Q: Sewing Machine Repair: Our studio offers a complimentary diagnostic service to identify the issue with your sewing machine and provide a repair quote if the problem is something we can address. Unlike many sewing machine repair shops, we do not charge a fee for simply examining the machine. Please note that some “broken” machines may simply require re-threading.

Q: Sewing Commissions: Unfortunately, we do not accept sewing commissions. However, we suggest exploring alternative options such as searching on Craigslist or reaching out to other area studios for assistance with alteration or piece-meal projects.