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Our teaching approach revolves around engaging projects, allowing students to learn through hands-on experience and create something truly special to cherish!

At our school, students have the freedom to advance through our difficulty levels at their own pace. While some may swiftly conquer each level, others can take their time to reinforce fundamental skills and build a solid foundation.

We strongly believe that choice and achievement are powerful motivators for young learners in the art of sewing. Our methodology focuses on inspiring students to eagerly embrace new skills instead of subjecting them to a conventional curriculum that may dampen their enthusiasm.

Beginner-Level Project Examples [Levels 1-3] 

Our beginner projects emphasize essential skills like maneuvering the fabric, pinning accurately, cutting and tracing patterns, sewing along designated lines, distinguishing between the “right side” and “wrong side” of various fabrics, as well as working with cotton and fleece materials.

Typically, these beginner projects can be accomplished within two hours or even less. The swift and thrilling outcomes serve as a driving force for students to further hone these foundational abilities through continuous practice!

Intermediate-Level Project Examples [Levels 4-5]

Our intermediate projects place emphasis on advancing skills in precision, incorporating special features into seams, sewing darts with accuracy, meticulous ironing, manipulating fabric effectively, and comprehending seam allowances.

The completion time for intermediate projects typically extends beyond two hours, varying based on each student’s skills and experience. To accommodate this, we provide convenient storage options for unfinished projects, allowing students to continue working on them over the course of several days, ensuring thorough mastery and attention to detail.

Advanced-Level Project Examples [Levels 6-8]

Our advanced projects are designed to refine skills in intricate fabric manipulation, handling inverted curves, executing complex piecing techniques, achieving optimal fit, and mastering the art of working with challenging fabrics.

Completing advanced projects generally requires a minimum of four hours or more, and it is common for students to work on them over several days. This extended timeframe allows for careful attention to detail and the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of each project, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the advanced techniques involved.

Many of our original sewing patterns are available for instant download on our Etsy page click here to check it out!