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It’s Not Your Grandma’s Sewing Studio!

(Read on to find out why!)

A Little Background: Newton Sewing Studio was created in 2012 (has it really been 10 years?) by Brian (me) who is a bit of a sewing and teaching guru.  

I taught myself to sew after selling a successful hair salon business in Las Vegas. I knew early on when learning to sew I wanted to share my passion with as many people as possible.  I was living in California at the time and little did I know this passion would bring me to Massachusetts and owning my own sewing studio!  

Our carefully selected assistant staff are all former students of the studio. Because of this, our whole team has YEARS of experience sewing and working together as a team.  

About The Studio: The studio is open for weekday and Saturday classes (check calendar).  We also offer a full camp schedule for anytime the kids are out of school.  Students ages 6 and up enjoy working through projects from basic to advanced. Our easily scheduled classes ensure both convenience for parents and the best possible one-on-one instruction for your kids. No need to commit to a series or deal with makeup/missed classes.  Keep track of your studio usage through the “My Account” portal.  Easily manage your bookings and print past invoices as needed.

All of our sewing projects are specially designed for NSS students using CAD software, making our projects truly unique! Our educational content is designed to guarantee success even for the youngest (or oldest) students! Click Here To Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Projects

Adults are always welcome to join us as long as they’re open-minded and can appreciate our high energy environment. Beginning adults will enjoy our accelerated teaching methods designed to get you on your feet as fast as possible. It’s not unusual for kids and adults to share the studio simultaneously at certain times of day and we think that’s great for everyone!

We’re self-taught instructors which means we don’t follow other people’s rules. We do what works and come up with innovative ways to do what most people struggle with. Our students enjoy the type of instruction you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Just a few of the unique features you’ll find here include:

Here at NSS you’ll be sure to find the exact threads, fabrics, and notions you need for our in-house projects. If you bring in an outside project idea then you should also bring in the fabric and notions you wish to use. Consult with us and we can help you get just what you need!

Parking at the studio is easy and plentiful in our private lot, pull right up to the front door!   We’re in a semi-industrial area that shares our location with an auto mechanic, upholstery shop, church, an audio remastering service, and of course Local Motion bus company. This location is bustling almost 24 hours a day and may not be “pretty” but is very secure.

Our studio is located upstairs and is organized, big, bright, and beautiful. We have our own clean private bathroom and feature a vending machine and drinks you may purchase for $1. There’s also plentiful shopping in the area so please get some errands done after you drop off the kids! 

The Mission: Our constant goal is to cultivate Creativity, Independence, and FUN! We expect that kids can and will do everything themselves if given the opportunity in a supportive and safe environment. We relish “mistakes” and treat them just as the learning opportunities they are.  There’s no judgment here and we welcome all kids, especially those who have yet to find their places in this ever fast-paced world.

We DO expect more from kids than most and it’s amazing seeing what they can accomplish, even at a very young age. Sewing is an opportunity for unparalleled self-growth and we couldn’t live without it!

In a time when everything is digital, it can be challenging finding “non-screen” activities kids actually enjoy. Sewing captivates the attention and gives kids hands-on skills that build young minds in ways not as readily available these days. We call it “inside-out thinking” and it’s some powerful stuff!

What People Are Saying: Small businesses often live and die by their online reviews written by customers just like YOU. It’s challenging as a small business owner knowing that everything we say and do has the potential to become a public commentary. Nobody is perfect but we always strive to provide the best possible service and education, especially in the most challenging situations. We really do hope our reviews reflect that! We encourage you to read all the reviews of businesses like ours and make the most informed choice.

It’s possible that you might like the vibe better elsewhere, that’s great too! We can’t be everything to everyone and you should always do what makes you happy, we certainly try to!

Hope we’ll see you soon!


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