Check Out Some Awesome Studio Projects!

We use a project-based teaching method. This means our students learn by “doing”– building important skills while actually creating something unique to take home!

Students progress through our difficulty levels at their own pace. Some may progress quickly through the levels while others may need to spend more time practicing core skills!

Choice and success motivate children to continue sewing. Our approach incentivizes students to WANT to learn new skills rather than forcing them to suffer through a traditional curriculum! 

Beginner-Level Project Examples [Levels 1-3] 

Beginner projects focus on simple skills such as steering, pinning, cutting and tracing a pattern, sewing on a line, identifying “right sides” and “wrong sides” of different fabrics, and working with cotton and fleece!

Typically beginner projects are completed in two hours or less. Quick and exciting results motivate students to keep practicing these fundamental skills!

Intermediate-Level Project Examples [Levels 4-5]

Intermediate projects focus on skills such as precision, integrating special features into a seam, sewing darts, careful ironing, fabric manipulation, and understanding seam allowances. 

Intermediate projects typically take 2+ hours to complete depending on the skills and experience of the individual student. We have convenient storage for unfinished projects so a student can continue to work over the course of several days. 

Advanced-Level Project Examples [Levels 6-8]

Advanced projects focus on skills such as intricate fabric manipulation, inverted curves, complex piecing, fit, and working with tricky fabrics.

Advanced projects typically take 4+ hours to complete and are usually worked through over the course of several days. 

Many of our original sewing patterns are available for instant download on our Etsy page click here to check it out!