Fashion At NSS

Are you or your child interested in learning to design and sew your own clothing? We have a large selection of in-house clothing projects at different skill levels from intermediate to advanced.

No need to conform to a fashion-specific class, clothing may be made ANYTIME during Open Studio by students who have reached an Intermediate Sewing Level [Level 4+] 

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Fashion Projects!

Beginning fashionistas will start with something simple like a flared skirt or pajama pants with an elasticated waistband before advancing to more complicated and fitted projects. Our clothing projects are leveled by difficulty just like all of our other Studio projects!

Choose from our selection of cotton or knit fabrics or bring your own if you have a specific color or print preference. For more advanced clothing projects we suggest prototyping in our fabric to get your proper fit before cutting into a special store-bought material. 

We recommend starting with our tried and true in-house projects, but commercial clothing patterns are welcome as well! Keep in mind that commercial patterns labeled for beginners are intended for adults and may be too advanced for new child sewists. 

Check Out Students Modeling Their Fabulous Fashions 

Have a unique concept like a Cosplay or Halloween costume? Awesome! Bring reference photos so we can help brainstorm a design and give appropriate fabric recommendations. 

 Click Here For More Information About Our Leveling System And Other Project Examples!