All Ages Saturday Classes

From: $40

This is a great class for family members or friends of any age to attend together!

Times Available

  • 11:30am to 1:30pm

Sequential classes

  • To book classes that occur on a weekly basis you must add each class to your cart separately.  It’s not possible to book a series of classes automatically at this time.


Student Name/s

After clicking the class time (even if there’s only one) you must add at least one name for this booking. Enter names for each student below.

Terms and Conditions

You may cancel any class booking from the My Account Page at any time up to 5 minutes before the class start time for store credit. There are NO refunds for canceled classes.  If you fail to attend a class without canceling then no credit will be issued, no exceptions. In the event it becomes necessary for us to cancel your class or camp a full refund or store credit will be issued dependant on the original payment type.


You will receive MULTIPLE emails once your order is placed. If you do not receive these emails then please check your cart and finish checkout to complete your booking.



  • Project-Based teaching method with many project options at every skill level!  There are mostly examples of kids projects displayed but use your imagination, if it’s made from fabric you can probably do it!  Click here to check out some of our project offerings.
  •  We expect everyone to need assistance and we’re here to help!  Your success is our primary goal!
  • All supplies and equipment are included in the class rate, bring your own machine and fabric if you wish but not at all necessary.
  • WiFi is available.
  • Students work at their own pace with individual instruction.
  • Ample parking provided in front of the main entrance, additional parking in the middle of the main lot.


  • You may cancel any booking from the My Account Page at any time up to 5 minutes before the class start time.  If you used store credit or a gift certificate to purchase the class then the value will be returned to your account immediately for future use.  If you paid for your class with a credit card then a store credit will be manually issued to your account within 24-48 hours.  There are no refunds for canceled classes.  If you fail to attend a class without canceling then no credit or refund will be issued, no exceptions.

Rescheduling Classes

  • If you used store credit or gift certificate to pay for your class you can simply cancel the first class from the My Account Page and then use the credit to purchase the desired class time.  If you paid by credit card then you must cancel the first class, wait for your store credit to be issued (up to 48 hours), then rebook the desired class time.  Or you can pay to book the desired class time now and save your store credit for use in the future.